Learning photography from Kike Calvo, is like having a private basketball lesson from Michael Jordan.” -- Eyal Aronoff. Entrepeneur and Philanthropist.

"Kike is a gifted photographer, generous teacher and honest mentor. His eye and heart are dedicated to exploring, appreciating and portraying the world of travel, beauty and environmental issues. Kike is also an engaging speaker who held the audience rapt and patiently answered questions well after his lecture at the School of Visual Arts was over." -- Katrin Eismann

Chair, MPS Digital Photography. School of Visual Arts.

"Kike shows not only his amazing professionalism, but also his love for teaching what he knows. That is why he captivates people who take his courses. Our marketing team up to now, and after several months of photographic training led by he himself have still practicing everything we learnt. Thank you for sharing with our tem your whole knowledge." -- Maria Elena Berberán. Marketing manager. Tommy Hilfiger. Latin America and Caribbean.

"I have seen my life through pictures that is one of the first statements I heard from kike, when I met him. Just with this as a student of his. He meant that there is further on photography than ISO, Flash, and lenses. I can say Kike is not only a great human being but also a great photographer who likes to share his passion, “The photography”. -- Carlos Chamorro. Oxford Motors. Mini.

"Kike is a passionate for the photography. I have learnt with him that taking a picture is not only an issue which you have an excellent camera and know the technique, but it is how to capture times and pass on feelings." -- Michelle Martinelli. Lawyer.

"The paper before the Kike’s club was enjoyable, straightforward, and realistic and teaching indeed. It reveals his wide experience in the photography’s world, which is based on his large passion for his profession. Right on his work, he gives expression to the sensibility that he has been able to pick up through his eyes. He also teaches us, that the result is as real as it is nice to have to touch it." -- Aaron Santos. Organizing Committee. Club Union‘s Committee of photography.

"This workshop was as if I had turned back to the most wonderful kinder days where learning was a great fun, to me. And for I myself it was the unique purpose. The great strength kike has for doing pictures that astound us is comparable to his skills for teaching how to make wonderful pictures." -- Fanny Fabrega

"I carried out an experiment of photography’s different sides. Taking photos in group with a topic on mind and with a longer time scale. This is something that I had never put forward me. Likewise, I myself got rich, with my classmates’ opinion. We have to take an open mind, much enthusiasm, in order to have a very good time and make new friends. But luck will come for those who enjoy looking at the improvement of our pictures as soon as our exercises move forward and the history is developed. The final result is absolutely satisfactory. I recommend it. Thank you, Kike for sharing your ability to get on well with people." -- Lilia Carrion

"This course was a complete experience for me. The whole times were full of experiences, happiness, laughs, works, bloods, long walks in the old town…. We were making up and ended as a whole so, on Sunday each of one took their own course and we even looked for our best result. I am pretty anxious for the next one, besides Kike I want you know that your way in order to pass on your knowledge is direct enough. Your are a great master! "-- Robert Machazek

"As an amateur in the photography’s land, this course was as a complete experience as a round turn, in addition I achieved to realize the basis of the theatrical procedure of how tell stories. I attained to share my passion with other enthusiastic. It is not often to have direct questions with the photography’s author and share it with the other alumnus. I could understand some techniques and basis in order to be applied when I take my own photography. It was very funny to see how some interpretation and images can be different to each other alumni from one place and time itself. Angle, light, geometry, depth, colorful and so forth. It was really fascinating! " --Tomas Merizalde

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