“Kike Calvo, a highly talented National Geographic Creative photographer and conservationist, had the prescience to understand the potential of drones. And much as the photographer that he is likes to share his images, Kike as a conservationist, has generously created this book to share some early and great examples in which conservation has benefited from this 21st century emerging technology. So Drones for Conservation is very much a first. The conservation and science conservation community owe a debt of gratitude for this energetic young photographer and conservationist.”

- Thomas E. Lovejoy, University Professor of Environmental Science and Policy, George Mason University, National Geographic Conservation Fellow

“…/… We should not look at Kike’s beautiful images without seeing the human hand in it. Not just Kike’s talented had upon the lens, but our collective human hand leaving dangerous imprint on Earth. Throughout his work, Kike explains the challenges we face. I urge you to take heed. What he has done so well is not only inspire us with vivid images of habitats from around the globe, but hold up a mirror to us. We are allowing the photographs you see in his work to be the only record that these places and species ever existted. They will become history and no longer alive.”

- Jean-Michel Cousteau, President, Ocean Futures Society

“Kike is a pleasure to work with. We’ve worked together many times and he is reliable, quick and understands our needs. His photos are visually creative and capture the essence of our events.”

- Claudia Mejia-Haffner, Vicepresident, Hill&Knowlton

“…/… In his book Habitats, Kike has brought back much more - his vision consistently brings the edge and the surface of the sea together to convey a true sense of place for us. He takes us with him into his sea of dreams where there are two symmetrical rivers of thought and vision. I instantly see Kike’s strong visual sense of the sea, its beauty and its vital connection to all life on earth. Emotionally, I feel his journalistic images vibrate with the sense of urgent reality. Habitats is a rare combination of elements that are a testament to Kike’s commitment to making powerful imagery and protecting our fragile oceans.”

- David Doubilet, Contributing Photographer-in-Residence, National Geographic Magazine

“It is rare to find someone who can tell this story - complexity, beauty, tragedy, mystery, human poverty - and an emerging culture of hope and sustainability. When we first met Kike, we were impressed with his energy, and enthusiasm born from passion for the natural splendor on this world. But his photographs went beyond mere composition and conventional beauty, his pictures told an important story. With a loving eye, Kike’s photographs tell a much-needed tale of people, us and our troubled bond with the marine world.”

- Nick Remple, Regional Coordinator, Global Environmental Facility, United Nations Development Program, New York

“I am the Account Executive who handles Carmichael Lynch Spong. I want you to know that the client was ecstatic over the results you produced covering the Cynthia Rowley’s show at Gotham Hall. They were so impressed with your total commitment to covering what they needed, but particularly impressed that you asked about shooting some creative alternatives. They felt you knew what would be of interest to a newspaper editor and credit you for having their image picked up from the AP wire by a number of newspapers. Thank You for doing such a great job for my client!”

- Ted Ciuzio, AP Images, New York

“ There is no great question or uncertainty in Kike’s work; his images are hopeful and beautiful. Where others find chaos, Kike finds serenity. Instead, he allows the meaning of his work to come from within the viewer. From the moment that I look at them, I begin contemplating where I am in the world. And I thank Kike for that small moment of peace, purpose, and hope.”

- Kris Goodfellow, Director, Graphics Department, Associated Press, New York.

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