Digital Photography 101

  • Throwing yourself and discover the most exciting photography’s world, while you enjoy yourself and make new friendships. Learn from a photographer’s essence with international background represented by National Geographic.
  • Solve your own doubts, reinforce your knowledge and learn to handle your camera. A new world of possibilities will open doors and your great love will be arisen inside of you.

  • Objective
  • You will discover in a very easy and understandable way, how a digital camera works as compact as reflex SLR ones through several useful exercises we will know the photography’s basis including aperture and speed and composition and so forth.

  • Course load
  • 8 – 12 hours

  • Topics
  • • Our camera
  • • Types of files ( jpg, tiff, raw)
  • • Composition’s basis
  • • Aperture and depth of field
  • • Speed
  • • The ISO image
  • What to bring for the workshop
  • One reflex, digital or compact camera.
  • Charged batteries.
  • One USB flash drive with some pictures done by us.
  • A memory card or flash card
  • Notebook and pen
  • A smile!

The Art of StoryTelling

  • Which history will Kike Calvo teach us to tell? Or, would it be how he covered the aircraft’s landing on the Hudson River in New York? Or how did he organize his article about the collapse world trade center? Or how does he go deep into the forest and captures the animals’ face?
  • Gabriel Garcia Marquez says that the most important of film is storytelling. Kike will show up several ways how tell a story through photography as a means of do it. Essentially, useful workshop, where there is no need for any previous experience. It is splited up into teams. We will work as if we were writing of a dairy. All of us will learn from each other, it does not matter the level you are. This is the opportunity for the students in order to find the essence of how to tell a story. Through the workshop, there will be constant references about kike’s experiences which were gotten in Associated press, The New York Times, National Geographic and other periodicals around the world.
  • Objective
  • It will give to all of attendants a complete picture about storytelling through pictures The basis that are going to be explored are good enough, so as to relate texts or videos. We will understand the tools that will let us know how to pass on the stories to the audience such as we wish to share them. We will also review some pieces concerning the greatest historical current and past photojournalists.
  • Course load
  • 8 hours
  • Topics
  • • Introduction
  • • The art of storytelling through pictures.
  • • Practice session
  • • Visual narrative models
  • • History: the greatest photojournalists
  • What to bring to the workshop
  • • One reflex, digital or compact camera.
  • • Charged batteries.
  • • One USB flash drive with some pictures done by us.
  • • A memory card or flash card
  • • A laptop with charged battery plus charger.
  • • Download equipments (cable, reader and so forth)
  • • Notebook and pen
  • • A smile!
  • If we do not have laptop, do not get panic. We will be able to share it with our classmates.
  • Who should attend to this workshop?
  • Professionals, students of photography or amateurs.People who have awareness that an isolated image never shots from aesthetics, but if it is mixed with a serie of interrelated times, our work it will take a life of its and it will become in a powerful visual communication indeed. This is an interesting workshop which is not only to photographers but also to professionals in other careers or to marketing or to publicity.

Beyond Art: The Business of Photography

  • Taking advantage from Kike’s skilled background into his numerous facets as a professional photographer, including not only his works to The New York Times and National Geographic but also several books made by him such as the official book of the International exposition of the water in 2008, moreover he went through the images’ bank his particular sight will make us redefine the point of view of how hard the profession as photographer is. We will discover a new way of how to set out our current or future business if we are still students.
  • Objective
  • It will give a complete picture further of the artistic and technique part, behind of the photographers’ career.
  • A long journey splited up into three groups as legal world, ethics, copyright, the photography’s business, keys and principles in order to live from the photography, ABC of ISO.
  • Course load
  • 8 - 12 hours
  • Topics

  • What to bring to the workshop
  • • Notebook and pen
  • • A smile!
  • Who should attend to this workshop
  • Students or professionals with or without any preview photography training. Everybody who wishes complement their creative training into the management and legal part.
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Booking Conditions

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Payments and Cancellations

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Cancellation made...

  • Up to 14 days before the workshop date – full refund
  • Between 8 -13 days before the workshop date – 50% refund.
  • Up to 7 days before the workshop date – no refund

If payment for the workshop is not received in advance, we regret that the participant will not be able to attend, unless payment on the workshop´s day has been arranged in advance. Kike Calvo reserves the right to cancel or alter any workshop. All workshop dates and times are subject to change, but Kike will endeavour to ensure workshops are held on the committed dates/times, unless there are exceptional circumstances, such as Kike is unable to attend due to illness, or other unforeseen circumstances. In such cases, we will inform the participants with as much notice as possible on these occasions. Should a cancellation become necessary , the attendee will have the choice of attending an alternative workshop (and where this is of a lower price, we will refund the difference), or withdrawing from the workshop and, where applicable, accepting a refund of all monies paid for that specific . No cancellation penalties (including travel expenses to and from the workshop, or accommodation costs) will be paid out in the event of workshop cancellations by Kike Calvo. Please check your hotel and travel cancellation policy as this may be affected in the event of a cancellation or alteration to a workshop.

Release and Waiver of Liability

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